Monday, June 4, 2012


There’s an allusion to (glam ’80s soap) Dallas on ’ Bad Cover Version’. Do you still watch loads of telly?

“No, I don’t. I think that we’ve moved away from the television age. Now there’s so many channels and you can watch a video or you can watch a DVD or you can play some games, I think it’s healthier, to be honest. It’s such a waste of time, and telly’s so crap now - all these lifestyle programmes. Sitting there watching somebody strip wallpaper. I mean, fucking hell, doing it’s bad enough but watching somebody else do it… I’ve made a conscious effort to wean myself off telly. I watched it so much as a kid and your head gets littered with all this shit. I’d rather my head had some useful information in it like how to build a wall or something. At first you think, ‘Oh, it’s great, there’s loads of space, I’ll just cram my head with whatever crap I can get my hands on.’ Then suddenly you realise it’s not infinite, after a bit you get information overload.”

“(Emphatically) And then there’s the killer, which is that you can’t erase bits you don’t need any more. You can’t say, ‘All my knowledge of Star Trek and Dr Who, I’ll wipe that and I’ll fill that space with something more interesting’. You can do that on a computer but you can’t do that with your brain. So yeah, no more telly for me.”

One of my favourite interviews.